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Beekeepers for Christ

  BFC is excited about the growing development in beekeeping in Uganda.  Blessed Bee for Life is now employing two full-time workers in the production of honey supplies.  Plus, students are signing up at ESTA, a regional Bible school, in order to develop life long skills!

  AMM is also blessed to let our readers know that a “matching grant” has been made available to assist in the purchase of land and a building for development of BBL’s office and production center.  A grant of $3000 has been established for the purchase of land and will be sent once the additional $3000 has been raised.  100% of the gift will be provided to AMM’s partner ministry in Uganda.

  Development of a non-profit business is possible in this northwest region, but circumstances make it very difficult for development.  Capable, talented, Christian men and women want to succeed, but hands of help are needed.  BFC, under the direction of Richard Turanski, has provided valuable training.  The Ugandan team has made a miraculous beginning and now needs land and a building for further production.  In addition, Turanski is making contacts with several Christian foundations that hold interest in providing revolving low-interest loans to start new businesses in underdeveloped countries.

  Pray for the investing in this ministry to grow.  If you would like to be a part of the work, or contribute to the grant, write, call or send gifts to the AMM office.

  AMM is available to receive gifts for the vocational work in Uganda all year long.  All funds provided for BFC and BBL go directly to Uganda for the ministry through Here Is Life.

History of Beekeepers for Christ

          Upon returning from Uganda in February 2003, Richard Turanski, founder and president of GloryBee Foods, felt certain that a ministry of self-support in beekeeping was on the horizons.

            One year later the vision was transformed into reality in association with AMM’s special ministries as an outreach ministry of AMM to serve self-supporting pastors and believers in underdeveloped countries.  Richard will coordinate Beekeepers for Christ assisted by Dan Mayer of Montana.  Dan comes with a wide résumé in entomology and a recent retirement from Washington State University.

            After one year of proto-type efforts with a local ministry in northwestern Uganda, BFC effort has previewed the ability to affect lives for Christ, transform traditions, open doors for evangelism, as well as build friends and ministry teams.

            If you would like more information about the BFC ministry, contact Richard Turanski at or AMM.  The future holds no limits or boundaries.  Where there are flowers there are bees…where bees…honey…where honey…people to collect it…where people…the opportunity to teach and share Christ.  Regardless of religious persuasion or country!  The door through the hive is always open!!

Dick Turanski in Uganda 2003
Dick shares honey stix with children in Uganda.

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2004 started with a new outreach ministry under the direction of Richard Turanski.

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