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"Let us go and see how they are doing" Acts 15:36  



Time is rapidly closing in on our departure for Uganda once again! We anticipate a journey packed with teaching, vocational training, administrative meetings and fellowship with the national churches in the Aringa region.

The AMM team leaves in late October but the planning has just concluded. Making the journey with Bruce will be Dick Turanski President of Glory Bee Foods and founder of Beekeepers for Christ; Verne Wilson Beekeeper and Elder; Dave Langstraat Pastor Norkenzie Christian Church, along with visiting beekeepers from Canada.

This journey will include visitation with HIV/AID victims, hospital patients, providing radio broadcasts, fellowship in worship and teaching at ESTA (regional Bible/Vocational training institution).

Upon departure from Uganda a portion of the “team” will be traveling on to Ethiopia for visitation with CMF missionaries working in country and active in evangelization work.

Matching Grant options are still available for readers interested in developing self-supporting ministries in the region. Contact AMM for details.


If you are interested in joining AMM for a mission trip, please write to us:





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2004 started with a new outreach ministry under the direction of Richard Turanski.

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