Assisting Missions Ministry 
"Let us go and see how they are doing" Acts 15:36  


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AMM directs all activity and resources to serving missionaries, students of the Word, and mission stations worldwide. Services have included short-term construction and medical, shipments of supplies and resource assistance, including the Bohannon Mission House in Eugene, Oregon. AMM's staff and volunteer lecturers are available for workshops on a variety of topics related to missions and experiencing family life in other lands.  For more information contact



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Assisting Missions Ministries
P. O. Box 41675
Eugene, Oregon 97404

Phone: 541-689-2707



Interested in where we've been and where we're going? Our calendar provides the latest information on
our upcoming mission events.

A. M. Ministries’ position is founded upon the Sovereignty of God...

2004 started with a new outreach ministry under the direction of Richard Turanski.

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